We have a good medical centre at the school to ensure proper care and concern for our students. Health fitness and genuine concern is a hallmark of the campus. Equipped with all the medical needs and the paraphernalia, the sick bay constitutes a clean bed, good hygienic conditions, an informed nurse and sufficient stock of all the medicines. To top it all, experts in the medical field are invited for talks on general fitness. We also have visiting doctors for periodical check-ups. The sickbay maintains a complete medical report and record to ensure students’ fitness history.


Conference Hall

The school is furnished with a spacious conference hall for multi-purpose activities. It is specially equipped with audio-visual facility and video-conferencing. In addition to their many benefits, these features can be especially useful for Student Exchange & Teacher Exchange programmes.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall has been designed to facilitate workshops/symposium for the academic faculty as well as workshops/ lectures for students by eminent people with expertise in their areas. The school plans to expose the students to global challenges that would enhance their personality.

Cafeteria & Mess Facility

  • The school proposes to have a modern and scientifically designed mess facility with basic amenities to provide healthy, wholesome and nutritious meals/snacks to children. The dining area will comprise spacious seating arrangements with kitchen, pantry, storage area and R.O. drinking water plant.
  • Nutritious menus are specially designed to reflect cultural tastes and children’s preferences and will promote a healthy eating style and habits.


  • DWPS is committed to providing safe, effective and efficient transport in and around Ajmer.
  • The school has GPS-enabled AC buses to enable tracking of students en route and to communicate to parents immediately in case of an emergency.

Safety and Security

Delhi World Public School takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the building, equipment and materials are safe and do not put the health of any person at risk while they are within premises.

  • The school ensures that CCTV cameras will be installed at all appropriate places to identify any misdoings and take stringent measures to act upon alleged miscreants.
  • All facilities shall be under surveillance and shall be inspected on regular basis to ensure that they conform to Health & Safety requirements. Any potential risk will be reported, logged and acted upon immediately.
  • Moreover, the school’s ERP system facilitates an excellent tracking system for parents to be informed of their ward’s entry and exit from school. Thus, taking care of the students’ complete security.