Homework vs. Playtime: How to Keep the Right Balance

May 28, 2018 no comments DWPS

“Mom, we have a dance competition coming up next week and I have to be on time for the practice.” Rini shouted as she returned home from school. Mantra announced, “We have a match in the evening mom and I am the captain.” Right at this moment, Priyanka checked the kids’ school diaries only to […]

How to Control Your Kid’s Smartphone Addiction

May 16, 2018 no comments DWPS

Weren’t you more than happy to show your new smartphone to friends and acquaintances? Aren’t you glad about how this tiny device has evolved over time? Don’t you feel prompted to use your smartphone more often than you normally do? Yes, and you are not alone! All of us have done and amazed and been […]

Expert Tips on How to Help Your Child with Homework!

April 19, 2018 no comments DWPS

If you have a kid in your family, you are the best witness of how overburdened childhood is today. Being a sensible individual, your mind may naturally start probing the reason behind this overstrain, as to whether it is a result of the parents’ ambitiousness or a future demand anticipating the career challenges ahead. However, […]

Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten!

April 11, 2018 no comments DWPS

You recently noticed your newborn’s increasing motor skills and that is enough a hint for you to initiate the proceedings before the baby steps out of the home. For most parents, their baby’s third birthday is an ideal occasion to start thinking in this direction, but the big question is – is the baby ready […]

Does Homework Help Your Child?

March 27, 2018 no comments DWPS

Anyone who has ever been to school, knows that homework is an irrevocable part and parcel of school life – whether we enjoyed doing it or just did it to avoid getting scolded in class the next day! As we progressed from lower to higher classes, the amount and intensity of the said homework increased […]

7 Reasons Why Preschooling is Good For Your Child

March 10, 2018 no comments DWPS

Do you know the significance of preschooling in your child’s life? What do you envision when you think of it? As parents, many of us tend to overlook the importance of the very beginning of an education. What we fail to understand is the utmost level of importance preschooling holds for every child. Here are […]

Secrets of a Happy Childhood

February 21, 2018 no comments DWPS

Here’s a happy child (let’s call her Nehal), when her parents wake her up, she doesn’t ask for five more minutes. Instead, she jumps out of bed, excited for the day ahead. Freshening up in lightning fashion, she eats her breakfast while watching cartoons. The Powerpuff girls bravely foil yet another one of Mojo Jojo’s […]

Benefits of the Quick School App – Parents Point of View

January 15, 2018 no comments DWPS

Sending kids to school is the best gift parents can give their children. They get to grow and learn various disciplines and understand what truly interests them and what they don’t see themselves doing in the future. Schooling has its benefits; even then, there is growing uneasiness among the parents, owing to major factors like […]

How to Choose the Best School for Your Child

December 30, 2017 no comments DWPS

Many parents face the challenge of choosing a school that’s right for their child. With so many schools offering different environments, teaching styles and philosophies, the experience can feel overwhelming. Understand Your Child The initial phase of picking the correct school is to figure out what sort of education your kid deserves and what condition […]

DWPS Ajmer – A Modern Approach to Traditional Education

December 23, 2017 no comments DWPS

Reinterpreting Traditional Education Philosophies Imagine a primary classroom. It’s the maths period. The teacher is explaining a concept in excruciating detail while students sit with their backs straight and try their best to listen carefully. But eventually, they lose their already-flickering attention and wander off, into a world of their imagination. Now imagine another classroom […]