An array of indoor & outdoor sporting facilities such as a 360º running track, swimming pool, cricket pitch & nets, football pitch along with courts for basketball, badminton and volleyball.

Talent Spotting

Talent Spotting’ will be done by our sports teachers. So it’s easier for children to decide the sport which most suits their sporting aptitude.


Outdoor Sports

The focus of our qualified cricket coaches will be to introduce young batsmen & bowlers to excellent coaching which imparts several cricketing skills, equipping each of them with essential technical & physical skills so they're ready to win at the highest level.

DWPS will facilitate budding football players with an Astroturf, where they will practice the tricky strategies used to score goals and defend them. By showering students with constant competition in the form of inter & intra-school competition, they will learn the aspects of healthy competition and reap rich rewards.

Lawn Tennis
Lawn Tennis is a brilliant sport because of its many physio and psychological benefits. Our tennis coaches will not focus on a by-the-book approach. Instead, they will polish the individual playing-style of each child, thus enabling students to smash their way to sure-shot victories.

The basketball courts at DWPS is where students will learn to take speedy lap-shots and shoot delicate three-pointers. They will also learn how to play in a team-based format which requires high levels of concentration. This sport will ensure physical fitness and positivity towards teamwork in each child.

Volleyball & Throwball

DWPS keenly provides infrastructure for these sports as they improve body balance, hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Although these sports look plain on first sight, they exercise many parts of the body and require heavy teamwork, thus encouraging each participant to be physically active and committed to the game.

Indoor Sports

The school’s vision is to develop a state-of-the-art Indoor Sports complex. This complex will ensure each student to excel in indoor games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Carrom & Chess. The complex will also have a 25-meter Swimming pool, a fully-equipped Gymnasium with spacious rooms for Aerobics, Yoga & Karate.

Specialized Coaches

In addition to physical education teachers, DWPS enrols professional coaches to teach students the finer intricacies of their respective sports.

Character Building

We at DWPS believe that participation in sports helps add positive qualities to a student's character. Team-based sports impart qualities such as leadership & team building, whereas solo sports such as chess, tennis, badminton increase moral strength.