Art & Craft

In addition to drawing and painting, students can always explore a wide range of craft work including pottery, handmade paper, recycling of paper and making ‘best out of waste' products. The curriculum introduces children to practical life skills and firsthand-work experiences in various art forms. It enhances creativity and originality in children from a very early age. Our art and craft facilities are fully resourced and based on Indian traditions and culture.


Theatre Activities

All students will be encouraged to participate in theatre activities. These activities will include lessons in drama through gestures, speech, song, story-telling, music and dance, thereby sharpening communication as well as public speaking skills.


Trained and experienced Gurus will teach your children all the notes necessary for them to become musical maestros. Students will get plenty of opportunities to perform at the school’s annual events & inter-school & intra-school competitions. Practising music from an early age will also help children become independent & expressive individuals, two essential aspects of a robust personality.



Students wanting to master any form of dance will be taught by teachers skilled in the art. They will nurture the talent of each child at every step, teaching them to dance with their feet and their hearts. After-school classes will be held for students with a passion to be the best. Renowned professionals in various forms of dance will provide opportunities to learn, perform and create a world of happiness.



Club activities enable students to hone their leadership and interpersonal skills, giving them exposure and confidence. Thus the school provides a platform for invitational guest lectures and workshops, which is an added advantage to the students to get real-world exposure.

Clubs can be joined from classes 3-8.

Kids can join any of the following clubs:

  • Exploratory Club
  • MUN (Model United Nations) Club
  • Heritage (Including SPIC MACAY)
  • Literary Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Speech & Drama Club