As children step into mainstream education, the school’s primary focus is on Communication Skills which is only possible in an inter-participatory activity-based curriculum. Delhi World Public School aims to prepare children for the challenges of life which can be surmounted by creating an English-speaking environment, both in and out of the classroom. The children develop their knowledge and skills on the basics of literacy, numeracy and science. It is the age for making strong foundations in the heart and mind of impressionable age–groups, directing and guiding them to unfold the complexities of life. The integrated curriculum with its manifold assets will help children to gain experiential learning in scholastic and co-scholastic subjects.

It is the beginning of formal education primarily based on familiar and known concepts which children see around them but inevitably don't co-relate. Within a structured curriculum designed by a team of dedicated staff, children will learn to comprehend, analyze and reflect measurably. With advanced technology, classrooms of today are transformed into SMART Classes and Activity Centres where learning is comprehensive, analytic & research-based.