An Environment Unlike Any Other Institution

It is the Dipsite (Delhi Public School) Pedagogy System that makes a Delhi World Public School different from other schools. With DWPS Ajmer, our effort to integrate the best ideas in education taken from all good practices in India and around the world continues.

  • We follow the 'Nai Talim' principles of Mahatma Gandhi, where learning takes place by doing, where knowledge and activities are not separated from one another, and the virtuous character of the child is built to last a lifetime.

  • We also strive to make the principle of universal peace and tolerance the basis of Delhi World Public School, so that every child who comes to us, leaves the school with a habit of humility making our future world, a place of harmony and goodwill towards all.

  • Emphasis is laid on learning from the environment, combining spiritual philosophies with different subjects in the curriculum. The Delhi World Public School ethos of equity, compassion, cooperation and service before self is our earnest endeavour.

  • Delhi World Public School plans to get our student community involved in peer-tutoring, so as to reach out to fellow students who may be economically challenged; our teachers are provided opportunities for researching pedagogic systems, and for continuous training and learning.

  • In addition to excellent teaching and learning facilities, all of our schools are encouraged to offer a variety of creative courses and advanced opportunities in sports and cultural fields. And just as every Delhi World Public School is special, all students of our schools are nurtured and empowered to blossom in their own special way.

Zero-tolerance Anti-bullying Policy

DWPS has a zero-tolerance policy to any form of direct or indirect bullying. Any observed or reported form of bullying will be investigated and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure it does not recur.

  • Students are expected to conform to all guidelines pertaining to disciplinary matters laid down in the Student Handbook.

  • Strategic steps like counselling and warnings will be adopted as corrective measures for any untoward incident which is detrimental to the the safety of the students or the school’s image.

  • Strict action will be taken on deliberate and consistent violation of school rules which may even lead to suspension or termination from school.